Govee GVH507 Thermo-Hygrometer

I managed to pick up a Govee Thermo-Hygrometer cheap a month or two ago, and like I’ve done with other sensors, It does come with it’s own app where data export is available (see below), but it’s bluetooth connected, so I wanted to see if I could get access to the data it gathers.

I found a library on github, GoveeBTTempLogger, by William Bonner which seems to do just the trick. It compiles into a .deb package which can then be run at the command line and creates a tabbed log file with date, time, temperature, humidity and battery:

2021-04-15 09:44:59	17.2366	36.6	77

The log file takes values every few seconds, but for the purposes of reporting online I only need values at 5 minute intervals, so I took the last entered values in the log file every 5 minutes using a cron job and a simple pipe from a ‘tail -n 1’ command to get a basic one-line text file with the 5 minute interval value. As per my other sensors, I’ve set a cron job to upload this text file containing the reported values to this proof of concept site (

One thing William Bonner’s library also does is to create an SVG graph file charting the sensor readings over time. Something to check out next….