Painshill Batwalk

On Saturday we went to Painshill Park in Cobham for a batwalk organised by the Surrey Bat Group.

We were given ultrasonic devices to help detect when a bat was nearby, and found out the different frequencies that different types of bats use when navigating. On the night we found some common pipistrelle bats and some Daubenton’s bats – soprano pipistrelle bats were around the 55 kHz while Daubenton’s bats are around the 30 ‘odd kHz.

A great night, with lots of bat sightings (Pipistrelles were mostly found around the trees and woods, while the Daubenton’s bats could be found flying low over water catching insects). Well worth going to and really interesting!



photo 1
Our bat detection equipment
photo 2
Painshill lake where we went to find some Daubenton’s bats


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