day 10 – a song that makes you fall asleep

Two songs in the one day, breaking all the rules of the challenge. An ambivalent one this – does today’s challenge mean “fall asleep in a relaxed, good way” or “fall asleep because it’s a boring song”.

I’d prefer to keep crap music out of this list as much as possible, so I’m going for fall asleep, but in a good way, therefore today’s choice is “3 A.M. at the border of the Marsh from Okefenokee” from the great Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream. I got this LP (Stratosfear) from a second hand shop in Paisley in the mid 90’s and still listen to it today. albeit in MP3 form. This is my favourite song from that album. A “put on when you’re tired album” to relax to that’s not some new-age crap with panpipes..