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30 Days of Music – The End

I recently completed a blogging theme I’d seen around 30 days of music, posting a song with a given meaning for each of the 30 days. I’ve compiled these into a Spotify playlist here, and listed them all with their related meaning.   day 01 – your favourite song day 02 – your least favourite song day 03…

day 27 – a song that you wish you could play

Not sure I could do this on ukulele… From http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/discussion/46493/different-time-scales-3-4-etc “…The main riff of the song “New Millennium Cyanide Christ,” from their 1998 album Chaosphere, follows the first aforementioned blueprint. Haake beats a rather slow 4/4 rhythm with his hands, while the bass drums and guitars play a repetitive 23/16 rhythm pattern on top of it.…

day 25 – a song that makes you laugh

For the fact it’s the great Max Wall, it’s an Ian Dury song, and the way that he sings it is just perfect.   I was lucky enough see the great man’s grave in Highgate Cemetery. It was hard to find (should be as big as Marx’s tombstone!).