First run of 2022 and first post-Covid run

Decided to bite the bullet yesterday and try a 5k on my usual route up to Surbiton and back. An easy 5k that I usually do anywhere between 25-30 minutes.

Really I wanted to try a run post-Covid (I got it just before xmas). Catching Covid for me was like having a really bad flu with added headaches and aches/pains, but with the difference of having a real shortness of breath. Getting up from a chair had me wheezing like a 60 fags a day smoker. The shortness of breath seems to have stayed around, so wanted to see if running would be affected.

Good news is that I managed a 5k run, but with lots of stopping and lots of “60 fags a day” wheezing. Definitely not at my normal level (this run was a good 5 minutes over my usual times) but by the end I was getting a pace going and at least it’s good to be back out there. Can only get better….

First run of 2022 face
Freezing and dark, but at least I got out running

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