My Mac Essentials

Mainly for my failing memory so I can look at this post to remember what I need when i do a fresh install,

This is a list my free or open source “Mac Essentials” with a brief explanation of why I always add these to a fresh install.

Simplenote – maybe not the most fully featured notes app, but the best and simplest that works across multiple platforms for quick memos. Simpler than notion when you just need to write some quick notes down.

Mounty – let’s me read from and write to NTFS disks with my MacBook – good for organising mp3s on my NAS

Kid3 – to tidy up my mp3 collection tags

gTasks – If there was an official native app version I’d use it, but there isn’t so this is the best I’ve found. I use Google Tasks as my main ToDo list because I use Google Calendar and can see the tasks overlayed on the days they need done. If anyone can suggest a better one for Google Tasks let me know.

MS Remote Desktop – I’ve tried lots of others, but this one ‘just works’ and is pretty easy to configure for remote desktop’ing to my Raspberry Pi collection

Stats – the nicest taskbar monitor for CPU, Disk Space ,Network activity etc. that I’ve found so far. Lovely little app.

Lanscan – For finding all those things on my network and their IP addresses quickly.

Termhere – Simple way to get a terminal from a finder window or folder.