Weekend Running

For this long bank-holiday weekend, I managed to squeeze in 3 increasingly hot runs!

The first was a trip on Saturday morning to Nonsuch Parkrun. I’m definitely getting into going to different parkruns, even if they’re just round the corner. I was getting a bit bored of doing Bushy every week, and have quite taken to the idea of being a “Parkrun Tourist“. Anyway, this was a second visit to Nonsuch Park, a good course and a nice off-road run. The heat during the run was pretty intense though, but not as much as I’d find on the other two runs on successive days.


Overheating after #nonsuchparkrun #parkrunuk

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Next up was the Westminster Mile on Sunday. Preparation for this wasn’t helped by going out on Saturday night on a canal boat for a boozy trip down the Thames, but all in all I did ok. Not my fastest time, but see boozy canal boat sentence previously for excuses. (p.s. I don’t look half as hungover in the picture from the event as I actually felt…)

#WestminsterMile done – what a great run! Next up is #westminster10k tomorrow.

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Finally, today was the Vitality London 10,000, a 10k run round the sights and sounds of Central London. This is one of my favourite 10k runs – it’s well organised, the route is good, there’s lots of entertainment along the way and overall it’s just a good event.

My result for today was a fair enough time, but to say it was hot is like saying that I had a slightly fuzzy head Sunday morning. It wasn’t blazingly sunny, but *was* amazingly hot/humid.

Still – another great run, and a definite highlight of the running calendar – here’s to next year!


Waiting at the starting line for the #westminster10k

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Done it! #london10000 finished!

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