Only an excuse…

On Sunday I did my 2nd Harry Hawkes 10 mile run. I did it 2 years ago, and was meant to do it last year but pulled out due to a back injury. Weirdly, I jarred my back around the 6 mile mark on this run, just as I passed Kingston bridge and headed back down the Hampton Court side of the river back towards Thames Ditton.  I did manage to run the rest of the race though and get a fair time even with the bad back (there’s the excuse coming in).

The Harry Hawkes is a great course, and has a really friendly family atmosphere to it. A great race to try if you want to stretch yourself past the usual 10k.



Love the #harryhawkes10 finishers medal.

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#harryhawkes10 done! Time for a bit of rehydration #furstyferret

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