Some old posts I found #8

25|02|08: Marvel Comics – Marvel Zombies series (inc. Ultimate Fantastic Four/Army of Darkness) – I’ve not read comics for years, but I got a copy of (i think most of) this series from my friend. The central theme is that the marvel superheroes have been infected and have turned into flesh eating zombies, who eat up the population of their world, then find a way to go through alternate realities killing and eating their populations, with the remaining uninfected superheroes trying to stop them. Pretty nice twist, with the zombie versions of the superheroes being aware they’re eating people, and wondering how they can stop it until they get hungry again and then they don’t care. The storyline ties in the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk, Spiderman etc. and a whole lot of others. Not something i’d usually read, but worth an hour or so (and some of the artwork is amazing). What better way to spend a wet Monday afternoon than with a pile of comics and a bottle of ginger beer (hurrah!)

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